For centuries, this scenario plays out for men across the globe and unfortunately it will continue – we as humans are not perfect. However, with the progress of technology in DNA testing, what a man can do is actually relatively easy now-a-days and can finally have that question proven. Here’s how (in the four most common situations)…

  1. Before the birth of the child and you are unmarried:  So you have heard rumors, have known or have caught your significant other cheating about the same time as conception of the future child-to-be…the best thing you can do is wait. Yes, it may be very difficult, but for DNA testing to be done right, effectively and to keep it affordable, it is done through mouth swabs. This way no needles are required which is very important for the newborn and then you just follow the next steps below in #2.
  2. At the hospital during / after the birth and you are unmarried:  If you do find yourself holding a child that bears no resemblance to you whatsoever and you have heard rumors and your mind starts ‘freakin out’ – don’t worry, just don’t sign anything. Yes, this may cause some discourse between you and the mother, but you can always add your name in later on the birth certificate and other forms – it will cost extra money, but at least you have that option and are not establishing any legal relationship at this point until you have a DNA test performed. To keep it simple, you can do a Home Paternity Test too. It is sent directly to you at the address you choose and contains the easy-to-do mouth swab kit. Then you just mail off your samples in the prepaid overnight shipping bag that is also included and you will get a phone call with your results 3-5 days afterwards. You then can have those results emailed and/or mailed to you as well. Keep in mind though, that genetics have a ‘fun’ way of skipping generations sometimes, so just because the child doesn’t resemble you, that does not automatically mean that you are not the father. It is just easier to add your name to a birth certificate and to establish legal rights instead of doing it the other way around i.e. trying to take your name OFF of a birth certificate and trying to disestablish your legal rights.
  3. At the hospital (or any time after the birth) and you ARE married:  If you are already married, it is generally accepted that there is an automatic legal relationship between the child and the husband of the mother i.e you. So there’s really not a whole lot you can do at the hospital. If you want and/or need to pursue anything, you would want to speak to a family attorney about your options and call 1-800-535-5198 to arrange for DNA testing.
  4. You had no idea about a baby being born and you get a call or letter shortly afterwards or even years later:  Unfortunately, any single mother can name any person as the father for her child. So if she thought it was you…well, then (like back in grade-school) you are it. The good news is that a DNA test is always required, assuming you don’t agree with her and/or don’t sign anything right away. Do not ignore the calls or the letters however as it will eventually lead to a court hearing and then they (the system) will be coming after you. So if you still believe that you are not the father, go ahead and have the Legal Paternity test performed even you have to pay for some or all of the testing…as it will eventually happen whether by you voluntarily or through the courts issuing you a court order to have it done and making you pay for it anyway.

Of course you can always call 1-800-535-5198 to speak to a DNA representative at anytime M-F 8am-8pm to help you with any questions/concerns you may have and see which DNA testing is the best option for you.