DNA testing has officially become a trend – there’s no questioning that. Shows like Maury, Paternity Court and Who Do You Think You Are and their success prove as much. But what if you do not want to publicly announce to the world that you are wanting to test your family and their DNA and would just like to find out for your own peace of mind and curiosity? Well, that is why Home DNA Kits are available as an option. However, with any types of popular trends, many different types of businesses “jump” at the opportunity to make money. That is why you see all these different DNA home kits on your local store shelves. Be aware though that with those store bought kits, you are paying only for that kit package. Once you get started, there are usually shipping costs, lab fees, result fees, more shipping costs and more aggressive sales tactics to make you spend more money than actually buying the home kit direct from the source.

Buying direct also eliminates the worries or concerns of where your samples go to for testing when using store bought DNA kits after you send them back. Many companies outsource their testing as well as their customer service representatives. Buying direct means you get your samples sent to a US laboratory for testing that is AABB & ISO accredited and you will a get US representative to speak with every time you call when following up with questions and/or any concerns. Plus, your results are ready within 3-5 days and you are called to go over them versus waiting weeks with any store bought test that will have you working to call them to find out where your results are.

So remember, it may seem cheaper in price to begin with, but like the old adage goes; “you get what you pay for” and do you really want to leave something as important as DNA testing up to that?

Call 1-800-535-5198 to begin your direct to you DNA experience or visit TestMeDNA.com.