DNA Testing & Paternity Testing Saratoga Springs

Test Me DNA provides legal paternity tests in Saratoga Springs and throughout the United States.

Test Me DNA works with a fully accredited laboratory specializing in paternity testing and family relationship DNA testing. Having an AABB accreditation is key to ensuring accurate DNA test results, and most government agencies and courts require it to accept the results.

Did you know NOT all DNA testing participants have to be in Saratoga Springs?

We can accommodate testing for each person to test in their own area. For legal DNA testing, each individual testing can go to separate facilities within our labs network. There is NO need to travel to a different state to participate. With 2000+ certified DNA collection site throughout the United States, it makes it easy for people in different cities or states to have a DNA test completed.

Requirements for DNA Paternity Testing in New York State

DNA testing in the state of New York or with a New York Resident requires extra documentation be presented before any testing can be performed. The participants will need 1 of 3 things:

1. Doctors Note

The Doctors RX WILL NEED to have the name(s) of the person(s) who are being collected IN the state of New York AND/OR are considered NY RESIDENTS (E.I. New York Identification). The RX must also mention “DNA Testing” and have the doctor’s physical signature.

* Must be a Licensed Doctor in New York

2. Attorney Letter

A letter from the Attorney MUST be written on their Letter Head, and have their physical signature. The letter WILL NEED to have the name(s) of the person(s) who are being collected IN the state of New York AND/OR are considered NY RESIDENTS (E.I. New York Identification). The letter should also mention that “DNA Testing” needs to be performed.

*Must be a Licensed Attorney in New York

We do have resources to get you in contact with an attorney that can provide you with a written authorization.

3. Court Order

The Court Order WILL have all requirements needed for proceeding with testing.

Legal DNA Testing

Legal DNA tests must be collected at an accredited laboratory location, to ensure that the strict chain of custody procedures are being upheld. Our Saratoga Springs DNA testing laboratory trains all technicians to follow these procedures to ensure that results may be used for any legal matter.

Legal DNA Testing

Legal Paternity Test Saratoga Springs

  • $349 includes Paternity Collections at certified collection sites, Laboratory Fees, Notarized Results with chain of custody paperwork.
  • Professional Collection Sites available in your area, with convenient appointment times.
  • Legal Paternity is collected and performed by Laboratory Corporation of America. Results hold a 99.9% accuracy level.
  • Have questions? Want to order by phone?

    Customer support is available Monday through Friday 8:00 am-7:00 pm CST. Paternity Testing specialists are available and can answers any questions you may have about how DNA Paternity Testing works.

    Searching for DNA testing in your area? Look no further, Test Me DNA can help you with the majority of your DNA needs. We offer fast and precise testing to help you get the results you are searching for. Contact one of our Customer Service Representatives today to assist you.

    Paternity Testing Locations

    Test Me DNA
    6 Care Ln Ste 200
    Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
    Saratoga Springs Patient Service Center located at the circle drive on Care Ln, next to Saratoga Cardiology Associates.

    Legal DNA Test Resources


    Test Me DNA offers a fast and friendly process for Legal DNA Testing. Testing for legal purposes at a professional laboratory in Saratoga Springs.

    Types of DNA Testing Options at Test Me DNA Saratoga Springs

    A DNA paternity test is the most frequently ordered test due to its definitive establishment of whether or not a man is the biological father of a child. Paternity testing, as well as special relationship testing can be performed at any one of our designated testing facilities or with the use of our home DNA test kits.

    Paternity Testing Saratoga Springs

    DNA Paternity Testing provided by Test Me DNA

    A paternity test is used to determine is an alleged father is the biological father to a child. Paternity tests can be used for legal purposes or simply for peace of mind.

    Grandparent DNA Testing Saratoga Springs

    Grandparent DNA Test provided by Test Me DNA.

    A Grandparent DNA Test will verify if a biological relationship exists between the alleged grandparents and the target grandchild.

    Sibling DNA Testing Saratoga Springs

    Sibling DNA Testing Teaser

    A sibling DNA test is used to determine the likelihood that 2 people are related biologically as siblings. We offer options to establish full siblings and half siblings.

    Aunt or Uncle DNA Testing Saratoga Springs

    Aunt/Uncle DNA Testing provided by Test Me DNAAvuncular DNA testing with a possible aunt or uncle is used to determine a likelihood ratio of the biological relationship. The aunts or uncles used in the testing should be a full sibling to the alleged father.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why choose Test Me DNA?

    DNA Paternity Testing in Saratoga Springs has never been easier to order. Test Me DNA provides accurate, convenient, trusted, and affordable DNA paternity testing services. Our goal is to provide direct paternity testing to Saratoga Springs, NY with award winning customer service.

    How soon can I get paternity test results?

    Paternity results are typically available in 3-5 business days. Special relationship DNA results can take a few days longer. Once results are ready, a DNA case manager will reach out to you by phone and/or email. Mailed copies are also available upon request for no charge.

    Are mothers required for paternity testing?

    Performing a paternity test without the mother being involved is possible. Including the mother for testing is always encouraged for relationship DNA tests, but the final decision is left up to the participants to decide.

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    Can this DNA test be used to establish paternity for court?

    Yes. Legal paternity testing can help establish paternity for court and child support reason. Even if the DNA test is not court ordered, it is still court admissible.

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    What samples can be used for performing a DNA Paternity Test in Saratoga Springs?

    A simple and painless mouth swab that collects skin cells is all that is necessary to prove relationships in most cases.

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    Is DNA Paternity Testing near me in Saratoga Springs, NY?

    All of our paternity testing services are available nationwide and available to customers in Saratoga Springs, Greenfield Center, Ballston Spa, Rock City Falls, Schuylerville, Stillwater, Porter Corners, Gansevoort, Victory Mills, Middle Grove.

    All testing centers are highly respected and accredited laboratories with stat-of-the-art technology. Every year we perform thousands of test through our network of clinics and labs throughout the US. This allows us to provide an efficient and streamlined Paternity DNA testing process for our clients at a competitive cost.

    Paternity testing can be arranged for clients that reside in different states. Learn More

    Can this DNA test be used for Child Support?

    Yes. If you choose the Legal Court Admissible Paternity Test, we will provide you with notarized documents with chain of custody paperwork that is accept by child support.