mississippi DNA lawA new Mississippi law is requiring teenage mothers, if they are younger than sixteen years of age, to have blood from the umbilical cord collected and then tested to prove paternity. This comes into effect if the mother will not name the father on the birth certificate.

This new law is going into effect for two reasons. First and foremost, the new law is intended to lower Mississippi’s teen pregnancy rate, which is one of the highest in the country. Also, this will be the first step in prosecuting statutory rape cases.

Some of the law’s critics say that it invades the medical privacy of the mother, father, and child. Also they question who is going to be paying for this $1,000 test, in the country’s poorest state. Another question has arisen in that will the potential father submit a DNA test and possibly implicate himself.

You be the judge, do you want your personal privacy disrupted? Or would you rather take matters into your own hands to find out who the father of your baby is. Only time will tell if this law does what it has set out to do.

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