Generally, DNA and paternity testing is easily obtainable. However, for New York state residents, there are extra steps to complete prior to scheduling a DNA test. These requirements are needed for anyone testing in New York state or anyone considered a New York resident.

The New York State Public Health Law (Article 5, Title V, Section 574) states “No person shall own or operate a clinical laboratory located in or accepting specimens from New York state or own or operate a blood bank which collects, processes, stores and/or distributes, human blood, blood derivatives or blood components, in New York state unless a valid permit has been issued as provided in section five hundred seventy-five of this title. A permit shall be issued authorizing the performance of one or more procedures or services within one or more categories.”

To break this down simply, any New York, resident that will be having their DNA collected, will require authorization prior to testing. The authorization could be in the form of a Doctor’s prescription, court order or a letter from an attorney. However, the doctor or the attorney will need to be licensed in New York State.

The good news, most doctors are willing to write the prescription for DNA testing. Test Me DNA can also refer our clients to a New York State attorney for a letter.