Who would have ever guessed that Billie Jean’s lyrics would hold true for the late pop star. It was recently announced that Prince Jackson doesn’t believe Michael is his biological father but could instead be his late Dermatologist – Arnold Klein.

Honestly, it’s not really much of a surprise, kind of like Charlie Sheen’s announcement of being HIV positive – it just happens to be a more interesting story than Sheen’s (sorry dude – you can’t be “winning” all the press too).

So now for Prince (and I suppose the rest of the world) it is all a matter of time before the truth is known and everyone can move on. More importantly, Prince will know and be able to make better informed decisions about his health knowing who his true biological father was. That’s the important factor many adults don’t take into consideration when they lie about who the true father of their child(ren) is. Genetic makeup is vital to keep track of family history and any chronic diseases that could be passed along. Like Prince said, Michael will always be his father but he needs to know what his genetic makeup is.

Makes sense. Hopefully Klein’s family agrees to everything and let’s this take place and we see the announcement soon with the results. In the meantime, if you are finding yourself in a DNA scenario where testing is needed – call 800-535-5198 to go over all your options.