It’s hard enough for us “regular Joe’s” out there to discover at some point that your dad may not be your actual biological father – the rumors within the family and dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions and resolutions – it’s rough. Now just imagine if the whole world knew about it too and then started discussing your scenario plus were able to post comments of every type imaginable about it. Well, that’s exactly what Ronan (Satchel) Farrow is going through to this day after the news broke over a year ago when his mother Mia Farrow mentioned that a popular director Woody Allen may not be his biological father afterall but instead one of the greatest singers of all time could be…Frank Sinatra. Though, in this case, perhaps this whole paternity debacle may actually ease some pain for Ronan with the widely debated topic of his “dad” and Soon-Yi Previn (Ronan’s adopted sister).

Well, hopefully your family isn’t going through that kind of scenario but if you are hearing rumors or fighting some allegations that someone thinks a child is not yours – Paternity DNA testing has become readily available and is very simple to do. Fast and accurate testing for your own peace-of-mind can even be done within the convenience of your own home without having to make an appointment to go into a testing facility. If however you do need legal documentation, appointments typically can be scheduled the following day when you call to set everything up.

And unless you really want the world to know your family’s secrets by going on a talk show like Maury, testing is kept confidential and private and remains that way until you share the news with the world if you choose to do so. Click here to see some options and call to speak with a representative today if you have questions.